How can online media benefit MY business?

Today we release part three of our five part podcast series about how to leverage online media for your business,no matter what size and no matter what kind of business you’re in.

We focus on some concrete, real life success stories from different businesses to get this discussion out of the theoretical and into the practical.

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Just in time for the writer’s strike

Looks like the writer’s strike is here and who knows how long it may last.


The third episode of Model Behavior is ready for viewing so for at least two minutes, take a trip with Gleicy Santos around the world to some exotic destinations and you can forget that there’s no “Daily Show” or “Colbert Report.”

Hopefully the strike won’t last long, but if it does, we’ve got your back.

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Premiere of New “Model Behavior” Epsiode

The response to last week’s debut episode of Gleicy Santos: Model Behavior was more than we could have imagined. Thanks to all of you who subscribed in iTunes or posted your comments on the various online video sites.

As promised, episode two entitled “Modeling” is up and ready for viewing. In this episode, Gleicy talks about how she got started as a fashion model and shows us some exclusive and revealing behind-the-scenes footage from several international photo shoots.

For you non-iTunes disciples, see the new episode on YouTube,, Brightcove or Revver. If you are unfamiliar with any video sites other than YouTube, we urge you to try the ones listed above. We chose them specifically because of their superior video quality, ease of search and quality of offering.

Stay tuned for episode three, premiering on Tuesday, November 6.


Debut of Gleicy Santos: Model Behavior

So, one day we were sitting around thinking: Why not leverage the internet as a venue for posting your resume online and really attracting the attention of employers? It’s much more powerful than black words on a white page, right? And if you work in a visual medium, the possibilities are limitless.

That was the thought process that gave birth to our latest online TV series:

Gleicy Santos: Model Behavior

Talent agents, commercial directors, photographers, producers and fans can get to know more about Gleicy across four different original episodes, each touching on a different facet of her personality and her extensive body of work.

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We realize some of you might not use iTunes, so we have made the first episode available on several online video sites as well. Click for YouTube, Revver, or Brightcove.

The podcast is dead! Long live podcasting!!!

I returned earlier this week from my second visit to the Podcast and New Media Expo. This was it’s third year and, I believe, they are on their third name. It has gone from the Portable Media Expo to the Podcast and New Media Expo to next year’s moniker: New Media Expo. Why all the schizophrenia? Mostly because online content producers, such as our company, seem to have won the day in terms of calling what we do by it’s proper name: CONTENT.

The general consensus from the show and, clearly, the show’s organizers, is that the term "podcast" has mostly served to muddy the waters in the minds of consumers by focusing on the medium instead of the message. At the end of the day, we are independent producers who now have access to the channels of distribution via this thing called RSS. But the "hows" are really not relevant to the conversation. The real point is this: we fell into the trap of defining what we do by focusing on the tools instead of the reward.

The good news is, users have a panoply of choices on how, when and where they receive and consume the content that THEY want to consume, and that is all to the good. Be it download, streaming, audio, video, subscription service, one-time purchase…whatever.

Continue to produce quality content and people will find it. We live in the times of a perfect storm of improved search, ease of use and an unending flow of new apps in the marketplace that make our online experiences more customizable and relevant.

Podcasting is not dead. On the contrary, it is just beginning to hit its stride. It provides the four things that any producer and any consumer could ever want: compelling content, choice, relationship building from producer to user and back again and, finally, niche programming.

All the things that traditional media have failed miserably at since Tesla invented radio.

New podcast episode

For those of you who prefer to listen right here on the blog, the latest podcast episode is up.

This week, we elaborate on three big new media happenings all taking place this week. While they all happened independently of one another, they all speak to the convergence in the new media space.

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It’s all about the experience

This week’s episode is about how to promote your podcast and more observations about the all important user experience. In our ongoing effort to demystify Web 2.0 tools like blogs and podcasts, we offer up some observations, opinions and cold hard facts.

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Podcasting associations

In the last few weeks there has been some controversy over Susan Bratton’s decision to form the ADM (Association of Downloadable Media).

To help determine what course of action the community should take, the steering committee of the Association of Podcasters and Online Media Producers (a working title) have decided to publish this survey.

Please take the survey and feel free to link to it to spread the word.

New podcast episode

We continue our discussion of advertising, marketing and new media on this week’s podcast. We talk about how to see the advertising trees for the marketing forest. How does new media fit into the overall advertising and marketing puzzle? Why should podcasting, blogging and other forms of new media matter to my clients?

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