New media and education

On this week’s podcast, we are joined by producer and educator Chi Chi Pierce. Winner of a Webby award and an Emmy, Chi Chi now teaches television production to high school students. It is a  fascinating discussion about the different roles new media plays across generations.

We are also very proud to announce the launch of the Clearcast Digital Media blog en espanol! For those of you who wish to follow new media trends in Spanish, sign up here.

More on politics and podcasting

Today’s podcast episode takes a more in depth look at the role of podcasting in politics. Whether you’re running for dog catcher, city council or the White House, if you don’t embrace technology, you’re going to be left out in the cold.

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Podcasting as an agent for change

On this week’s episode of our podcast, we sit down with author, cultural critic and professor Celeste Fraser Delgado. In a wide ranging discussion we talk about whether the internet does a better job of isolating us or bringing us together, podcasting as an agent for social change and how do all these new media tools affect the average person’s life.

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Clearcast audio podcast

We are proud to release the first episode of the Clearcast Digital Media audio podcast series. We will talk about how new media trends and innovations affect your life and your business. The changes are coming fast and furious, and we want to help clear out the clutter.

This first episode features co-founder Matthew Chamberlin talking about how we can help you join the conversation and make your business or organization’s voice heard.

Future episodes will touch on a wide range of topics and not be strictly confined to new media. You know what they say about all work and no play, right?

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leaves you totally cold. Everything is in bounds, and we look forward to you joining the conversation.

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Internal corporate communications

Podcasting is the most effective tool for internal corporate communications that has yet to be invented. (External communications, too, but that is the subject for another post.)

Typically corporations communicate with their employees via broadcast voice mail, e-mail or intranet, essentially taking the "one size fits all" approach. While certainly there are times when one message applies to all employees ("We’re closed this Friday"), relevance is the critical factor that gets overlooked when taking this approach. Does a new product launch affect the sales team the same way it affects IT? Besides, the biggest issue that faces all of us, both at home and at work, is time.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a targeted communications method that helped me at work, but didn’t make me have to come to a full stop by reading some e-mail, listening to some voice mail or searching on the intranet only to find out that the message was totally irrelevant to my role in the company?

When is someone going to invent the method of communication that speaks directly to me, allows me to take it in whenever and wherever I see fit and keeps me connected and involved?

When, indeed.