Continued growth of the medium

Your media, your way. That ought to be the mantra of Clearcast Digital Media and of independent podcasters everywhere. Everywhere we look there is more evidence of TV and radio’s decline and the ascent of new media such as podcasting. Take a look at this from the NY Times of 16 April 2007.

    "…CBS [radio] and other broadcasters have been laboring to cling to listeners-many of whom are spending more time these days with their mobile phones, internet radio and portable music players.
…15 percent said they used digital music players, more than triple the figure two years earlier." (Source: Bridge Ratings, a radio research company.)

I think it will be a long time before we all give up on TV and radio. But what IS happening is that we are starting to give up on the WAY we get TV and radio. It started with the time shifting revolution of Tivo and continues on with user generated and professionally generated narrowcast content that the consumer  can watch when, where and how they choose.

I guess maybe the revolution WILL be televised!